Coach and Change Facilitator

I provide coaching for people who want change.  Fed up with where you are? Know that there must be more to life than the same old, same old. If that sounds like you – let’s get started…

Working together to overcome blocks, resistance and create an environment where you can grow, flourish and realise your true potential.

I work with individuals in person in London and worldwide online.

Coaching style:

I believe that we are all individuals, each with our own special set of exceptional unique skills. I support and encourage clients to use their innate talents, play to their strengths and trust in their own ability to find lasting solutions.

I offer inspiration, insight and problem-solving strategies. I bring understanding, integrity and compassion to my coaching and encourage clients to treat themselves with compassion, whilst change is taking place.

My coaching style is transformational and holistic, not goal orientated like conventional coaching. So it’s not about setting a couple of goals, reaching them and saying goodbye, we go deep and get to the stuff that’s holding you back, keeping it real – but in a very safe, nurturing way. Think of it more like going on a journey and while you’re travelling, getting to know someone really well and getting close to them. The important thing here though, is that your travelling companion is you – you get to learn stacks about yourself, what motivates you and makes you tick, what makes you happy and what you want from life, whist at the same time (good bit) becoming your own best friend!

Inside or Outside?

Change; – is it just a question of learning new skills (‘outside’) or are there long-standing issues that require attention? You know, the stuff you keep to yourself and try to avoid thinking about and discussing with others.

We work together to remove the barriers and navigate the obstacles that are in the way, identify your values and beliefs and bring clarity to the way you react to your emotions (‘inside’). Allowing you to control your behaviour and take charge of your actions, rather than it seem that the outside world is dictating them to you.

Michelangelo once said that the task of a sculptor is to reveal the statue hidden within the stone. To do so, he must remove the fragments of stone concealing what is within and so reveal its true essence. My aim and desire as a coach is somewhat the same seeking ways to facilitate and reveal each client’s true essence.


Coaching with me could bring you the following benefits:

  •  Clarity…
  •  Gain confidence and improve self esteem
  •  Business Success
  •  Inner peace and contentedness
  •  Stress reduction
  •  Achieve life ambitions
  •  Feeling comfortable in your own skin
  •  Achieve desired intimacy and relationship outcomes
  •  Health and Lifestyle gains
  •  Zest for life!

I’m looking forward to working with you – click on the link* below and let’s get started.

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